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Something Creative, Just Wonderful & Sushi

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Similar to how athletes will cross-train to improve their fitness, it is beneficial for artists to be multi-disciplined in their artistic pursuits to creatively influence their oeuvre in a new way. Sometimes this is initiated purposefully, sometimes as a result of a creative rut and sometimes it can be circumstantial. I happened to be in-between not having access to a darkroom and not sure what my next photography project was going to be and so collaging with my own photos was a great creative compromise. This project allowed me to approach my work from a different perspective while mentally sorting out ideas for my next shooting project by physically sorting through prints, paint and miscellaneous ephemera. I looked through my copious print library to see what had potential and settled on three prints.

I had a pack of three square canvas boards that I previously purchased with the intention of creating some sort of triptych-like project some day. These three images worked perfectly because they already had a commonality but not so narrow that it couldn’t be expanded and enhanced with additional materials. I considered each print individually and matched it to material I had in my studio to further emphasize the theme presented in the still-life. In concept board fashion, I created three piles of paper, mediums and materials that were specific to each piece.

From there it’s a matter of working the materials together to create visual harmony and balance on the board. A strategic performance of cutting, slicing, placing, moving, piecing and shaping then ensues until everything sits just right visually. If something is ‘missing’ or isn’t quite coming together, I’ll take a break or leave a piece overnight so I can get a fresh look when I return to it. Once I’m satisfied with the design it’s time to glue and paint.

The result : Something Creative, Just Wonderful, & Sushi

Considering how the piece will be presented and received is the final step. I wanted to further elevate the work (literally) by making the canvas board stand out from the gallery wall. This was accomplished by mounting wood on the back of the panel to give it a little more height. The shadow created by gallery lights adds visual dimension to the work.

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