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Common Thread 


Common Thread: Contradictions, Questions, and Lies We Live By
June 8 - August 5, 2023

Jamie M. Richey's captivating solo exhibit titled "Common Thread: Contradictions, Questions, and Lies We Live By" delves into conceptual ideas, contradictions, and double standards through a collection of mixed media artworks. Combining Richey's photography with various materials such as thread, paint, and incorporating collage and text, this series offers a thought-provoking exploration. Richey's creative process involves adding a touch of rawness to her photographs, whether it be through tearing, cutting, or even incorporating soot into the works. The themes within the series are multi-layered, presenting contrasting ideas that often share a common thread, both personally for the artist and in conceptual notions that resonate with the viewer's daily struggles or stimulate existential contemplation.

Jamie M. Richey is Kaiser Gallery's Solo Show Selection recipient of 2023!

Exhibit Gallery Archive

Sketchy Book is a mixed media project that I completed over the summer in 2022. It's a combination of original polaroids, polaroid transfers, collage, and writing. I dug deep into my collage materials and pulled out what I thought had potential...what I was drawn to... interesting combinations and thought-provoking juxtapositions. The result is an exploration on several themes from identity and politics to whimsy and anger. 

Sketchy Book was an online only preview from May - Aug. 2023

1A Cover-PhotoRoom_edited.png

Quiet Spaces & Hectic Places started as an exhibit title that occurred to me one day when I was reviewing my own portfolio. Photographers are great observers, and this show brings together two contrasting themes you will often see in their work – capturing quiet, serene moments for eternity, or slowing down hectic ones by stopping time with a click of the shutter.


This exhibit also explores the duality of a photograph within this theme to present both a sense of chaos and peace. Which one will depend on the viewer’s interpretation predicated on the emotions and personal experiences we can’t help but refer to in our translation of a piece. An empty beach could evoke calm emotions to one viewer, to another it might stir up anxiety or loneliness. An abandoned building is quiet but the graffiti covering the walls could be considered hectic, possibly violent, and to another simply a display of amazing public art.  Does an empty church bring serenity or overwhelming thoughts of mortality, or guilt…? As you interpret each piece for yourself, consider what it might mean to someone else.

Exhibiting Photographers:   Anne Meike, Audrey Warrenfeltz, Ben Hauser,

Benjamin Colon Nieves, Bill Trentel, Ceila Reid, David J. Schwartz, Jamie Richey, Jim Szudy, Jon Nix, Joseph Aber, June Hund, Ken Matosky, Laura D'Alessandro, Mark Mueller, Paul Markowicz, Rebecca Groynom, Rita Elswick, Stephen Calhoun


Quiet Spaces & Hectic Places was curated for ClePhotoFest, celebrating Unity through photography. 

December 2022 - January 2023

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