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Updated: Jul 28

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Discovering new things in your own area is often put off because it’s so convenient, it can be done at any time. I recently latched on to the idea of being a tourist in your own town. I’m fortunate to have been able to visit museums around the world but I haven’t been to museums within driving distance of my home! The same is true for going to new coffee shops. I love a cozy café and supporting local business’s but I often default to a Starbucks due to time or convenience.

There’s never a good time. There’s never enough time. That will always be true. I decided to prioritize time. I decided, as often as I can, to visit a new museum or gallery and pair it with a new (to me) coffee shop. Or at the very least a pairing I hadn’t been to in a while. I love photographing in cafes almost as much as visiting them so win-win! I hope this blog segment encourages you to travel around, be inspired by art and take the time to cultivate those things you enjoy!

Gallery Three

There are many long-term studies in my portfolio and also many short-term series that will exist in series of two, three or four. Backed by psychology, three is universally accepted as a comfortable and satisfying amount. We process things easily in sections of three. It is an amount small enough to distinguish a pattern yet not so big a chunk to leave us overwhelmed with too much information to process.

Gallery Three places a spotlight on three works from my portfolio and offers a deep dive into the process, background or theme that informed the creation of the group.

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