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Solar Rose

Solar Rose


For this image I was playing with the solarization technique in which a light source is briefly introduced during the making of the print in the darkroom. I don’t usually give my photographs titles, just a description for inventory purposes because I don't want to lead the viewer to a particular conclusion unless I have something specific in mind, I prefer the individual to bring their own experience to the work and create their own story. Here’s a great example why. 

Another version of this image (no two solarized prints are the same!) was purchased at an opening and I asked the buyer what he liked about it and what drew him to this particular image. He explained that he is fascinated with tornadoes and he pointed out an area in the image that looked exactly like the shape of a tornado. I love that he saw two elements of nature in the same photo - something as delicate as a rose along side something so destructive like a tornado! 


Close up of rose, solarized in darkroom.

Black & White, Silver Gelatin Print

Image Size: 6 x 4

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